Research Associates

Glen Robinson

Emerging Technology Director and Distinguished Engineer

Glen Robinson

In his role as Emerging Technology Director for the LEF, Glen is continually exploring the emerging technological advances that will augment our lives, changing the way we think about everything.   He delivers this learning to clients in the form of the Digital Experience Lab, or Xlab, which is part of LEF’s 21st Century Human programme. This haptic learning experience helps clients build competence and confidence in a vast array of digital tools that are available to them today. An outcome of these workshops is the ability to use digital responsibly to positively augment our lives, and Glen challenges attendees to consider their level of curiosity while injecting ideas for personal development and improvement.

A frequent facilitator of LEF Study Tours, Glen takes clients into global technology hubs and immerses them in new and emerging technologies to better understand their impact.

Glen leads the 21st Century Human community and is a frequent speaker at client and industry events. He is a STEM ambassador, distinguished engineer for DXC Technology, passionate about the environment and a very average surfer. Most of all he enjoys helping others build the lifelong skills which make happy, healthy and more productive individuals, all essential capabilities needed for success in the 21st Century.


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