Pip Ryan

Client Manager

Pip Ryan

As part of LEF’s client engagement team, Pip develops initiatives to help clients drive business transformation, and exceed their business goals by taking advantage of LEF research insights and advisory. She has a passion for seeing how businesses transform, and Pip plays a crucial role in helping clients thrive on change in the ever-changing technology landscape, immersing clients in research and events, and ensuring that clients are realizing value from working with LEF.  

As a millennial, Pip believes change is the only constant in technology; it is always to be expected. She is a true believer that “the adventure we're on at LEF is how we best prepare CXOs and their organisations to exploit technology and change in the fast-paced digital world, and how do we use this to pivot towards helping organisations exceed their business goals and objectives.”

Pip is a STEM Ambassador actively involved in a programme with STEMfirst, working with young people to promote technical career choices and encourage learning. She is a woman consumed by wanderlust, a pretty average netball player and enjoys all things fun!


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