Paul Johnston

Research Associate

Paul Johnston

Paul works as an advisor and consultant to C-Level executives looking to utilise cloud technologies at the core of their business, working at the interface of both business strategy and technology.

Paul has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry being an early adopter in both web and cloud. He has worked for many years as a CTO, interim CTO and advisor to multiple different startups in Europe and the US and was CTO of one of the first serverless startups in the world.

As a former Senior Developer Advocate for Serverless at Amazon Web Services (AWS) he was responsible for both providing information to customers about how products could best serve their business and feeding information back from customers to the product teams.

Paul is a director of a community energy company in his hometown of Milton Keynes in the UK which has multiple aims including developing renewable energy capacity and alleviating fuel poverty in the local area. He took this unpaid role due to his interest in Climate Change carried forward from his time at University in the 90s.

Paul is an international keynote speaker on serverless technologies, is the co-founder of the ServerlessDays series of conferences, and also speaks on the intersection of technology and Climate Change.

Paul has a wife and 5 kids, and can usually be found taking his son to his football matches, his daughters to ballet, or sitting watching Bath Rugby.


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