James Bodsworth

Advisor - Emerging Technologies

James Bodsworth

James focuses on working with clients to understand and embrace emerging and future technologies. He helps develop the pre-requisite skills and behaviours required across the workforce to recognise the new opportunities that these technologies can catalyse within organisations. He is a member of LEF’s 21st Century Human Programme, and is responsible for the LEF's technology solutions.

James comes from a background of professional sports, performance management and coaching, and has worked extensively in the application of these techniques in a business context, interpreting how people use technologies and services around them to shape their everyday lives. He has led many large-scale implementation projects around CRM and Learning Management Platforms, developing a deep appreciation and understanding of technology, which has been augmented as an early adopter of social and consumer technologies and their application in the workplace.

James is a firm believer in the impact and benefit of personal wellbeing, a strong advocate of sustainability and previously led a national youth employment programme helping the most disadvantaged in society develop a clear identity and purpose to gain access to the workplace.


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