The Renaissance of the IT Organization

Renaissance translates as ‘rebirth’, and is the name given to the period when Europe emerged from the Dark Ages into a more enlightened modern era.

The Renaissance of the IT Organization

The Renaissance was a fiercely forward-thinking time. It spawned a scientific revolution where science, technology and culture began a cycle of mutual advancement. Today, a similar blend of technology-driven cultural change drives an evolution we characterize as the renaissance of the IT organization. 

In this report, we specifically address the questions:

  • What will the technology capability of the future organization look like (its renaissance) and what is driving its evolution?
  • What are the eras and stages that the technology groups evolve through?
  • What routes can an organization’s technology groups take to rebuild and reorganize to compete with the digerati?
  • How should the business organize to constantly evolve?
  • What tools and techniques can help manage the transitions?


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