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What Advanced Firms are Doing in BRM Client Cases

Over the past several years, the IT functions in many large industrial and business concerns have appointed business relationship managers (BRMs).  The aim has been to improve the function’s partnership and strategic relationship with the business.  Very often the appointment of BRMs (sometimes also called business partners, or local demand managers) is linked with a shift in the organization of the IT function from a cluster of local IT groups to a more globalized or centralized structure.  

As a result of this shift, local businesses lose ownership of 'their' IT and are obliged to get IT support from a central, shared services organization.  In such cases, the BRM is intended to bridge the gap between the central IT shared service and the business.  The BRM seeks not only to understand and fulfil the business demand for IT services, but also to partner with the business in gaining more value from the technology, including achieving the associated business changes.  Finally, the BRM may act as the ‘sales force’ for the IT shared service.


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