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The Marketing/IT Relationship Wave 2 – Leveraging ‘Weapons of Mass Discussion’ – podcast

Two years ago, we launched a major new research initiative aimed at better understanding the relationship between Marketing and Enterprise IT.  The need for this work was clear at the time, and is even more obvious now.  Many of the most important recent information technology innovations – social media, Big Data, location-awareness and cloud-based CRM – are more about Marketing than traditional Enterprise IT, and thus firms need to think about what ‘IT management’ means once major digital initiatives become centred in other parts of the firm.

Business marketing is becoming increasingly digital.  This means that Marketing’s expenditure on IT can rival or even surpass that of Enterprise IT in many consumer-oriented firms.  Does the traditional concept of a ‘central IT budget’ even make sense if it is less than half of what a firm spends on digital technology overall?  In many companies, mass discussion technologies are now the IT investment and innovation centre of gravity, and in this sense they are central IT.  Changes of this magnitude can’t help but have significant ramifications for the traditional Enterprise IT function, which is why we will continue to research these areas in the coming years.  In this web conference, Frank Cutitta discussed our research findings.



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