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Study Tour Report: Building the Digital Platform

The 2018 April LEF Study Tour based itself in Seattle and San Francisco to build clarity around the nature of the digital platform and how it applies to the IoT and machine intelligence. LEF staff welcomed a cadre of keen attendees, and together we set about learning by spending time with innovators in this space.

Over the course of five days we visited organizations that are investing heavily in digital platforms – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, NVIDIA and GE Digital. To augment that viewpoint, we also visited a range of start-up organizations funded through either Seattle-based Madrona Ventures, or Silicon Valley’s a16z, to get ideas about the sorts of problems that need to be solved, but which the big organizations are not addressing.



Single Topic Report

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Glen Robinson
Emerging Technology Director and Distinguished Engineer
Glen helps create 21st Century Humans. Technology is constantly reinventing itself and keeping pace is a long-term investment. In his role as Emerging Technology Director for the LEF, Glen is constantly exploring the emerging technology advances that will augment our lives, changing the way we think about everything. Glen takes these learnings and delivers them to customers in the form of the Digital Experience Lab, or Xlab, which is part of the 21st Century Human programme. This haptic learning experience helps customers build confidence and competence in a vast array of digital tools that are available to them today. Using these responsibly to augment our lives in a positive way is the outcome of the workshops he runs, tasking attendees to consider their current level of digital maturity and injecting ideas for personal development and improvement through a more responsible, competent use of digital. Glen also arranges Study Tours where he facilitates tours of global technology hubs, immersing customers in the technology they seek to understand the impact of better. A frequent speaker at customer and industry events, Glen also leads the 21st Century Human community, is a STEM ambassador, a distinguished engineer for DXC Technology, passionate about the environment, and a very average surfer. Most of all, he enjoys helping others build the lifelong skills which make happy, healthy and more productive individuals, all essential capabilities needed for success in the 21st Century.