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Science Fiction to Science Fact - Our Tech Dreams Become Real Faster and Faster

Industry disruptions will not just come from IT.  Advances in science and technology are now being driven by discoveries at the cusp of bio-tech, nano-tech and Artificial Intelligence. 

The implications of these changes go way beyond doing more of the same, but smaller, better and cheaper!  We see the emergence of fundamentally new materials and technologies; methods of fabrication and assembly; a revolution in health, food, production, delivery, supply; and the way we organize, manage and live.

In this opening session, Peter explored the vast range of scientific progress that will reshape the global economy, with a particular focus on how this progress will be inseparable from the future of IT in areas such as sensors, tagging, Clouds of Connected Things, Networks Without Infrastructure, Big Data, and machine intelligence.  We are heading into exciting but very unpredictable times that will require a symbiotic relationship between human and machine intelligences to help us analyze, model, war-game, and make faster and better decisions.  Stasis is not an option.


01 David Reid – Introduction

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