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Revitalizing the Enterprise Skill Set – interim results

Assets/Capabilities / 26 Mar 2013 / By Kirt Mead

As we have reported in numerous research commentaries and reports, technology is escaping the back office and moving to the front of the firm, creeping into every function and activity.  Now we are in the midst of a major research project to identify the new skills that organizations will require to get real business value out of this development.

Based on over 35 interviews with participating firms conducted over the last four months, the early results can be summarized as follows:

  • Technology is becoming essential to every management and physical process in the firm; and it is increasingly embedded in the product and service offering.
  • Software is becoming the preferred form for intellectual property (IP).
  • The development at the front of the firm is most advanced in B2C services, less advanced in B2B services, B2C goods, and B2B goods.
  • New skills are in demand both at the front of the firm (for example, ‘creatives’, mash up developers, apps for portable devices) and in support (for example, data architects, data analytics, security).
  • There is less demand for traditional skills associated with ERP and traditional ‘waterfall’ development.
  • The new IT people are much more intuitive and business oriented than the traditional IT culture.
  • The new generation of business people are often themselves ‘techies’ and more than capable of ‘doing their own IT’.
  • Many of the new IT people are located organizationally in the business, not in IT.
  • All firms we have interviewed are struggling to find the new skills and people they need; traditional channels for finding people are no longer working.

Our work on the project continues.  There is still time for interested firms to become engaged, learn more and contribute your views to this study, and gain a much better understanding of emerging skill requirements associated with the new IT.  If you are able to attend one of the project focus group workshops, you will also have a chance to discuss project issues directly with other participating executives, as well as to comment on our research findings.


Floor Scheffer 10.08AM 24 Mar 2015
I am project managing the development of a competency framework for the IT Function of Tata Steel (aka Group Information Services). Its aim is to support the improvement of organisational capabilities and the development of individual skills and competencies. I would be interested to participate in this study on behalf of Tata Steel.
Kirt Mead 10.08AM 24 Mar 2015
Thanks for your post Floor. I would be delighted to involve you in the study, gather your views and bring you up to speed on the messages we are hearing so far. I will contact you via email to find a convenient time to talk.


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