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Preparing for a Post-PC World

Since our initial Mobility Study Tour to Scandinavia and Asia in 2000, we have written a great deal about the consumerization of information technology.  However, it is only in the last few years that consumerization has moved beyond the committed early adopters and entered the always critical fast follower phase.  The mass-market era of consumerization is no longer far away.

Obviously, technology is a major driving force.  Smartphones and tablets are powerful, easy to use, and selling in record-breaking numbers.  Social media services such as Facebook and YouTube, the explosive growth of applications available in the ‘cloud’, and ever-better mobile connectivity are changing the way we all live and work.  Many of the latest cars from Audi and other manufacturers can come with their own WiFi hotspot.  These improvements will continue.

The net of these changes is that we are entering a new, post-PC world.  The old world of standard-issue corporate PCs and BlackBerries, all controlled by a pervasive IT nanny state, is no more.

The greatest benefits will accrue to those firms that rapidly take advantage of new technologies and concepts as they become available.  This report is designed to help CIOs and senior IT leaders better understand and prepare for the important changes ahead.

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Douglas Neal
Research Fellow
Doug Neal, based in the United States, is a Research Fellow for Leading Edge Forum. Doug's focus is on the intersection of strategy, business operations and technology.     Doug is the author of multiple reports including A Guide to Co-creating Value with Your Customers, authored with Jim Ginsburgh, Lewis Richards and Professor Venkat Ramaswamy from the University of Michigan, Next Generation Consumerization – Co-creating Value with your Customers, The Consumerization Workbook and Preparing for a Post-PC World.   He co-authored the book The Networked Supply Chain:  Applying Breakthrough BPM Technology to Meet Relentless Customer Demands.  Doug’s point of view on consumer privacy was published in Wilson Quarterly, the journal of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Doug has led a number of study tours over recent years on subjects including Dealing with Disruption, The Future of Do-It-Yourself Technology, Mobility, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 and Green IT. Doug has developed state-of-the-art management and other end-user systems for clients in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and high-technology companies.  Prior to joining the Leading Edge Forum, Doug worked at two international management consulting firms and founded an organization specializing in systems for executive management. Doug received a BA from Haverford College, conducted special studies at the Ruhr University, and has an ABD from the University of Michigan.