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Outside-in BRM – Turning Relationship Managers into Digital Leaders

Traditionally Enterprise IT controlled the choice and supply of IT within the firm, and CIOs deployed Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) out to 'the business' as essentially a salesforce to understand requirements and define new IT solutions. Today, cloud computing and consumerization are causing Enterprise IT to lose control of IT within the firm. Many support functions - such as HR, email and travel - that were once serviced by Enterprise IT can now be sourced more effectively from the cloud. 

These developments which we collectively refer to as 'outside-in' represent a major transformation of the technology landscape and threaten to push Enterprise IT to the sidelines. Building on previous LEF research that describes the outside-in movement in detail, this reports shows how BRMs in the most advanced firms are meeting this challenge.

Take our self-assessment exercise designed to determine how well you are prepared to be an outside-in BRM in your firm.

Outside-in BRM VideoWatch a video and learn more about how our popular BRM Education programme has been enhanced to emphasize these outside-in dimensions.


Executive Summary

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