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Announcing LEFs Strategic Alliance with Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI)

Assets/Capabilities / 11 Nov 2015 / By David Reid

BRMII am delighted to announce our global strategic alliance with Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI), the leading BRM professional membership, development, and certification organization.

Our collaboration will lead to more effective knowledge-sharing, increased support for BRM and invaluable networking opportunities.

In an effort to maximize business value, leading organizations around the globe are implementing or expanding their BRM capabilities. These organizations look to BRMI and the supporters of the global BRM community to guide them through successful business transformations, leveraging BRMI membership, professional development programs, and BRMP certification.

At the LEF, we work with organizations to build, develop and improve the impact of their BRM organizations.  We provide Collaborative Diagnostic Studies, IT or Business Leadership Workshops, Training Programs for BRM’s, and Value Realization (which includes coaching, mentoring, booster sessions, and communications workshops).  Our team are a mix of former CIO’s and senior executives, practitioners who are unified by a passion for BRM.

Through this strategic alliance, our collaboration will lead to more effective knowledge-sharing, increased support for business relationship managers, and invaluable networking opportunities for professionals and organizations alike,  

This collaboration highlights a greater understanding of the value Business Relationship Management adds to the overall success of organizations, we look forward to supporting the global BRM community on the journey.

Our latest BRM research is entitled Leadership at Every Level – Proven Steps to Improved Business/IT Relationship Management being led by Robina Chatham, a visiting fellow at Cranfield School of Management.  In this research we aim to uncover what methods, processes and activities have helped in creating the BRM function, what personality types and pre-disposed to be successful BRMs, and how BRM will change in a world that is increasingly digital and outside-in.  Read more and contribute your views to this research to receive a copy of the report upon publication.


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