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Growing Out of the Socially Awkward Phase: Leveraging the Co-Evolution of Marketing and IT – report

For many years corporate marketing has relied upon Enterprise IT for a number of important business tasks such as customer database management, email marketing campaigns and web site hosting.  Yet despite their long history, our research has consistently shown that Enterprise IT’s relationship with Marketing has been considerably more strained than with other major parts of the firm.

Today, this socially awkward legacy is under unprecedented pressure. Mobility, social media and ‘the cloud’ give businesses entirely new ways of identifying, targeting and serving their customers.  As information and analytics become the heart of the modern corporation, marketing is rapidly shifting away from its relatively low-tech roots and becoming a high-tech, digital profession.  Consequently, the lines between the traditional Marketing and Information Systems organizations are blurring.  The two groups face many mutual challenges, opportunities and uncertainties.

This report describes the organizational, individual and cultural strategies that firms are adopting to improve the increasingly critical Marketing/IT relationship.


Executive Summary

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Single Topic Report

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