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Exploring Three Aspects of Security in an Increasingly Mobile and Externalized World

All organizations exist in a state of product and service competition and in an evolving environment.  Things change.  Nowhere is this more true than in IT and currently the industry is overwhelmed with terms like cloud, consumerization, ecosystems, deperimenterization, post-PC and collaboration.   Today, IT is often blamed for being the barrier to innovation and collaboration.

In this event, we cut through the fog to explore how things are changing and what this means for your organization.  How do you securely collaborate with others in a mobile and open world?  With demonstrations of the latest MOD technology in this space, this event provides an opportunity to discuss the issues facing organizations today.


01 David Reid – Introduction

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Adrian Seccombe
Research Associate
Adrian Seccombe, based in the UK, is a Research Associate for Leading Edge Forum.  Adrian's focus is on the future of security and mobility, and on managing information as an asset including identity, risk, governance and compliance considerations. Having retired from his role as the Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Enterprise Architect at Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, Adrian lectured at Surrey University on the subjects of Information Asset Management and Information Security.  Adrian is an IT visionary with extensive knowledge and practical experience in various IT, Security, and Strategy & Quality Management positions in the UK, France and the US.  He was named Information Security Person of the Year (Europe) in 2010 by SC Magazine, and was recognized for his role in the leadership of the Jericho Forum during its decade of Deperimeterization. Adrian joined Lilly as a Telecoms Analyst in 1980.  As Manager of Telecom & Technology Development, Adrian relocated to Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis.  Following four years in various management positions, including IT Strategy Manager, he moved to become the IT Director for Lilly in France.  On returning to the UK, Adrian took responsibility for the Lilly IT infrastructure of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific & Japan.  He then took global responsibility for Lilly Client Computing & Collaboration Services, whilst retaining his responsibility for the EMEA infrastructure.  He then led the development of Lilly’s Information Risk Management processes, and the IT Quality and Security Management teams based around the globe. Adrian holds a Bsc Hons in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Surrey University and is a trained facilitator.  He served on the Industrial Advisory Board of the University of Surrey Computing Department, was a member of the Board of Management of The Jericho Forum, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Information Security Forum.