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Data rEvolution – presentation

In this web conference, Paul Gustafson described how organizations are leveraging new data types and tools to gain deeper business insights and improved organizational performance.  He examined five main areas:

  • Great Expectations:  Do More with More – how leading organizations are raising the bar for information-based results.
  • A Changing Foundation:  New Methods to Manage Big Data – topics include shared-nothing architectures, distributed processing frameworks and parallel databases.
  • The New Alchemy:  Connecting the Dots – the role of folksonomies, semantics, open data, location-based services and situational intelligence.
  • Enabling the Predictive Enterprise:  Strategies to Understand, Anticipate and Plan – using technology for discovery, forecasting, modelling, and analytics for everyone.
  • Seeing Is Believing:  Visualization and Visual Analytics – using data to literally see new relationships and trends on the fly.

Paul presented recent trends and developments in what is increasingly referred to as the Big Data space.


01 David Reid – Introduction

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