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Customer Service Strategies and the Role of IT

IT services are a key route to adding business value and resilience in a recession.  Essentially, our research shows firms are becoming more specialized or more integrated so as to create better experiences for their customers.  They are moving rapidly into new, innovative services and organization models are becoming more complex as firms seek to address a multitude of new markets at various stages of development. 

Enterprise IT is well positioned to play a major role in services because services generally require a closer cooperation between the business unit and IT than is often the case in products.  But to seize this growing role, IT must become much more aware of the business design issues that make all the difference in determining the profitability or ‘stickiness’ of a customer service offering.

This report can help you and your colleagues understand the value that IT can offer in creating attractive business services to better serve your customers and provides key case studies of how certain organizations are already succeeding in this area.  The report will appeal not only to CIOs but also any business leader interested in product marketing, innovation and business strategy.

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