The shift to the human platform study tour report

The September 2018 LEF Study Tour was designed to provide a thought-provoking investigation of the concept of The Human as a Platform and how it applies to individuals and organizations.

The shift to the human platform study tour report

We based the tour around two centres of technological innovation, starting in Palo Alto then shifting to Seattle. LEF welcomed a group of curious and creative learners from a diverse range of roles and industries whose varied experiences allowed them to constructively challenge each other’s thinking in what proved to be a fascinating learning experience.

The aim of this study tour was to examine how the boundary between work and life is blurring due to the continued development of the digital infrastructure that LEF has defined as ‘the Matrix’, which supports and leverages these changes by seeing the entire ‘virtual you’. Our research into consumerization has shown us that the technology industry’s centre of gravity is coalescing around the workplace and workforce of the future, and technology is increasingly being brought to bear directly on the human brain and body, making the Human as a Platform a reality.


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