Seeing Digital

The Post-Cloud era has already begun. A powerful wave of new technologies, including machine learning, smart products, software agents, wearables, blockchains, speech/facial recognition, robotics, augmented realities, algorithms, and 5G wireless bandwidth is creating a digital world that is pervasive, embedded, aware, and autonomous. It's less a cloud of services somewhere “out there,” than a ubiquitous Matrix of intelligent capabilities.

In his latest book, Seeing Digital, David Moschella shows how these exciting innovations will transform the industries, organizations, and careers of the 2020s. Insight-packed chapters assess next-generation industry disruptions, the realities of machine intelligence, emerging co-creation business models, and the challenges of digital transformation, leadership, and risk. This wide-ranging book also forecasts the coming battle between Silicon Valley and China, the increasing importance of the Human Platform, the future of the Enterprise IT function, and technology’s overall impact on jobs, skills, and society.

As the title suggests, Seeing Digital helps readers visualize the emerging technology landscape. Each and every page presents a compelling concept, framework, checklist, assessment or other graphical image, with the ebook optimized for today’s full-color displays. Devoid of technical jargon, its provocative analysis, optimistic outlook and practical advice will challenge technology insiders, digital business enthusiasts, and the wider public alike. 

Throughout the 21st century, the Leading Edge Forum has anticipated major digital technology developments, including consumerization, cloud computing, and the patterns of disruptive innovation. But until now, the LEF’s cutting-edge thinking has only been available to its proprietary clients. Seeing Digital makes the highlights of this important research publicly available for the first time. Consider it your roadmap for the 2020s, and beyond.


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