Position Paper

Innovation Shifts to the Human Platform: Are You Ready?

This paper describes how innovation is shifting to ‘the human platform’, how the boundary between work and life is blurring, and how the digital infrastructure that we have labelled the Matrix supports and leverages these changes by seeing the entire ‘virtual you.’ 

Innovation Shifts to the Human Platform: Are You Ready?

While consumer services have long been the IT industry’s centre of gravity, technology is now being brought to bear directly on the human brain and body – with far-reaching implications for the 2020s and beyond. 

We are already experiencing many of these changes on a daily basis, in issues such as the protection of privacy vs. new forms of advertising, real vs. fake news, location awareness vs. surveillance, business change vs. job security, or even individual choice vs. societal cohesion. All of these areas are shaped by our digital skills and learning, our habits and preferences, our information sources, and the digital mindset needed to maximize what’s possible for us as individuals over the coming years.


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