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Study Tour 2020: The Industrialization of Technology

One form of disruption deals with product versus product, such as Apple vs Nokia. It is unpredictable and tends to change an industry. We call this substitution. Another form of disruption deals with the evolution of the product to commodity or utility. Examples of this include Apple vs Android, servers vs cloud or runtime vs serverless. It is predictable and tends to change societies. We call this industrialisation.

Wave After Wave of Disruption

Industrialisation doesn't happen overnight. Compute had existed for sixty years before cloud started to change the world. But that didn't stop many of us from being unprepared.

Industrialization has a wide impact. Utility services for electricity enabled Hollywood, Ford and Radio. Industrialization of compute enabled Netflix, Uber and Spotify.

Our perception of rapid change is often because multiple things industrialise at the same time. We forget about the build-up and focus on the present. Virtual reality and 3D printing all started in the late 1960s, but are only now considered mainstream.

Between 2020 to 2030, our perception of rapid change is likely to skyrocket as multiple waves hit us, such as the industrialisation of blockchain, sensor as a service, immersive experience, 3D printing, genetic engineering, intelligent agents and printed electronics. This is all becoming ready for the prime time that industrialisation brings. And at the same time, society is itself facing drastic changes including climate. You are going to be in the middle of this.

The outcome of attending this tour is about becoming prepared for that future, by studying the industrialisation of technology with the disruption of industries.

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