Preparing for Digital Business Models

Join us for this virtual roundtable, hosted by Advisors Bill Murray and Lachlan Stokes, as we discuss the ways in which markets and forms of competition are changing in the digital era and the paths traditional organizations can take to ensure they remain relevant. 

Overview: New-market entrants, powered by software, are combining to create new value propositions. These ‘Modern Business Ecosystems’ are beginning to replace industries and the markets they serve. They are centered on a customer journey rather than a product or service, placing power in the hands of the customer while offering unrivalled scale and scope. Traditional firms need a path into these modern ecosystems to expose new revenue opportunities while mitigating the risk of being disintermediated. Specifically:

  • Are your customers demanding new forms of engagement and are you ready?
  • Are non-traditional players combining to create new forms of value for your customers?
  • Are you partnering with them?
  • As new value-propositions are devised, how are you ensuring your products and services remain relevant?
  • Should you be changing your attitude to data and software and what has been the impact on your IT operating model and talent pool?


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