Executive Dinner

Pioneer, Settler, Town Planner – Lessons from the Past

First used in 2005, the organizational structure known as Pioneer, Settler, Town Planner (also referred to as PST) is both highly experimental and relatively rare in its implementation. Recently, however, it has gained some momentum with early academic work, discussion in management-related books and several Government papers.

As the co-inventor of this structure and the person who first implemented it back in 2005 in a start-up in London’s Old Street, Simon Wardley recently authored a paper called A Lesson From The Past on Pioneering Organizational Structures. This paper provides the historical background to PST and its pitfalls. At the same time, there are a few case studies that show benefits from PST, but not enough to prove them and hence promote its use.

At this dinner hosted by Simon, we will discuss organizational structures and take the opportunity to explore the subject further, drawing on some of the insights and lessons that can be learned in Simon's recent paper. The outcome will be to better understand the concepts of PST and what are the right conditions for this to be relevant for an organization.

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