Next Generation Operating Models: Research Findings & Insights

In this recent LEF report, we addressed how organizations are revisiting their operating models in the wake of the pandemic. There has been overwhelming recognition that speed is now the most important business driver, combined with proof that change at pace is possible.

Following an extensive review of previous work in this domain, we actively looked for the 'missing spaces' that could be usefully examined. Based on in-depth interviews with over 50 global organizations, key findings include:

  • Shift from atoms to bits: Change what is delivered and how it is achieved.
  • Structure is largely irrelevant: Reorganization has little impact.
  • Know your goal: Do you want to be more Efficient, Effective or Explosive?
  • Time is the new denominator of value: Return on Investment (ROI) remains important, but Return on Time (ROT) is transformational.
  • Flank your competition: Use ubiquitous data to go where competitors won’t, and capture customers they can’t.

Join report author Chris Surdak and research director Dave Reid, as they discuss the findings and share actionable insights from the report.


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