Map Camp Online

This is our fourth Map Camp and we’re going back to school.  In other words, we're learning all over again how to run a conference – this time in a virtual world.

Map Camp is a community event.  It consists of a series of lectures from renowned speakers and mappers from across the globe.  This year, we’re mixing up the format given its virtual nature.  The conference itself will use three tracks or windows into the world of mapping – the square, the round and the arch.  Each window will be running sessions of three speakers with short talks followed by a discussion between the speakers. 

The themes we will be exploring this year include:

  • It’s not the map but the mapping that matters.
  • You can't ‘organize your way’ to a future.
  • Maps, Government & Brexit.
  • Mapping for Good.
  • Why didn't I learn this at business school?

For background, Map Camp started in 2017 and was originally planned to be 30 people; we ended up with 180 and over 150 on a waiting list.  By 2019, we had grown to almost 700 attendees.  In this virtual world, we hope (fingers crossed) to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend.  Sessions will all be run on Zoom and published on YouTube – it’s free to attend. 

Map Camp is for anyone who wants to learn and explore Wardley Mapping in more depth – from beginner to advanced practitioner.  The combination of presentation sessions, workshops and shared experience will further enhance your appreciation of the importance of situational awareness, the strategy cycle and to view strategy and planning from a new perspective.

The event is kindly sponsored by Leading Edge Forum.  Map Camp is a safe environment for all, and we will do everything we can to ensure it is.  If you’re planning on attending, please read our code of conduct.


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