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Digital Leadership Scenarios: Innovation Planning in the 2020s

Entering 2020 and a new decade, we’re seeing powerful macro transitions at play beyond technology, both economic and political. Economically there is ongoing east vs. west tension, resetting of trade tariffs and greater regionalization drivers. Politically, the importance of diversity, climate, the role of business in society and national identity are forcing leaders to consider the role they must play in helping navigate their organization for a successful outcome.

These drivers combine to whip up powerful disruptive forces. At the same time, LEF believes that the significant yet unrealized potential of new technologies – including AI, machine learning, IoT, 5G and automation – will continue to reshape competition, and have the potential to transform virtually every industry. 

This one-day conference will explore innovation scenarios for the 2020s; what are the opportunities for leaders to propel their organizations forward in the next decade? Combining thought leadership, real-world client experience and LEF’s latest research, we’ll address questions that include:

  • Can public policy be a driver to improve competitiveness through technology-driven automation? 
  • How can digital-second organizations – with their roots in physical goods and services – find a way to compete or partner with a platform business?
  • How do you prepare for the relentless march of technology evolution, and a future shaped by the industrialization of technology? 
  • How can workforces best utilize the array of analogue and digital tools available to make work happen where it needs to? 

We will share what other leading organizations are doing and thinking, through a combination of plenary and elective sessions. Participating in this event will enhance your insights and knowledge, and at the same time expand your executive peer network.

Welcome and Introduction

Richard Davies, Managing Director, Leading Edge Forum

The Power of Innovation

Nilofer Merchant, CEO, Board Advisor & Author | Thinkers50 2019

New ideas are what propel us into the future. But, shockingly, plenty of data tells us that a lot of innovative ideas get ignored, snubbed, and silenced. In fact, 61% of us actually cause our own innovative ideas to die. It’s counterintuitive because we all believe that with the right combination of sheer brilliance, dogged grit, and fervent hustle, original ideas will triumph and change the world. We need to understand why ideas die and what to do about it. If we don’t, we will continue to waste deep pools of ideas we need to make us competitive, profitable, and relevant.

The Societal Automation Imperative

David Moschella, Research Fellow, Leading Edge Forum 

Technology-driven automation is now a societal imperative because modern nations need all the productivity they can get to address ever-more resource-constrained challenges. David argues that without a significant public policy boost, and the necessary societal advocacy and skills, western competitiveness will likely suffer. They will explore the impact this will have in areas as diverse as trade and competitiveness, smart cities and grids, digital identification and payment systems, cybersecurity and resiliency, 5G, and personalized healthcare and education.


A chance to network.

Four Paths to Platforms

Lachlan Stokes, Principal Advisor, Leading Edge Forum

Every sector is feeling the impact of digital-first platform organizations, whether by joining their ecosystems as a producer, consuming one of their services or having business stripped away. Traditional, digital-second organizations – with their roots in physical goods and services – can benefit by finding a way to become, or partner with, a platform business. But what does a successful platform business look like? Lachlan will explore which companies are making the transition between these different business models, and what that digital journey might look like.

Creating Context: Part 1 (Elective Session)

This interactive session gives you the chance to engage directly with the LEF team, in a roundtable format that ensures informal and direct dialogue, to debate and go deep on a topic of your choice. There will be three sessions running concurrently:

  • The Societal Automation Imperative with David Moschella & Rob Atkinson.
  • Four Paths to Platforms with Lachlan Stokes.
  • Developing A Matrix Mindset with Mohammed Khalid

A chance to network

Welcome Back

Richard Davies, Managing Director, Leading Edge Forum

Scenarios for Technology ‘Industrialization’

Simon Wardley, Researcher, Leading Edge Forum

The first nut and bolt, the first computer, the first battery didn’t change the world. It’s not the invention of technology that causes profound shifts in our economic system but when that same technology becomes ubiquitous, widespread and more of a commodity. In this session, we will examine this concept and explore the next waves of industrialization that are about to hit us from user experience, manufacturing, logistics, sensors and even space.

NextGen Automation & Innovation  – A Customer’s Perspective

Speaker TBC

Reconfiguring the Collaborative Workspace

Caitlin McDonald, Digital Anthropologist, Leading Edge Forum

Working environments are changing faster than we can adapt and that’s becoming the new normal. Organizations have an increasing array of analogue and digital tools and places at their disposal to enable work to happen wherever and whenever it needs to. But to make the most of this potential in a more distributed and mobile workforce, teams and individuals need to adapt, developing new etiquette and survival strategies for the new technoscapes that they inhabit. Caitlin will discuss today’s hybrid digital/physical working environments; how issues of trust, presenteeism, communication and culture are manifesting in this time of change; and what organizations can do to create a workplace that works.


A chance to network

Creating Context: Part 2 (Elective Session)

This interactive session gives you the chance to engage directly with the LEF team, in a roundtable format that ensures informal and direct dialogue, to debate and go deep on a topic of your choice. There will be three sessions running concurrently:

  • Scenarios for Technology Industrialization with Simon Wardley.
  • Reconfiguring the Collaborative Workspace with Caitlin McDonald.
  • Optimizing Your Sourcing Strategy with Mohammed Khalid
Closing Session


Summary & Close

Richard Davies, Managing Director, Leading Edge Forum

Review of the day followed by networking & cocktails.

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