Digital Business Leadership Masterclass

Successful 21st century leaders navigate and utilize digital disruption by organizing around constant ideation to create and deliver a winning vision and business. Understanding how data, intelligence, connectivity and automation is transforming every industry is essential to evolve how you think and operate.

Adopting a Matrix Mindset, supercharged with curiosity and experimentation, prepares leaders for the coming tsunami of change and enables them to keep customers satisfied with ever better services. Confident leaders need to optimize a mix of smart products, machine learning, industry platforms, algorithmic processes, robotics and data-driven operations for their business transformations.

Put together, these tech capabilities provide a dazzling vision for a transformed, 21st-century organization that looks more like today’s digital giants than any traditional global firm. Leaders who wish to realize this vision must modernize their personal practices and reengineer business processes so their organization can work smarter at pace, with perpetual change and ambiguity.

This one-day masterclass will help existing and future business leaders develop their digital competency. We explore four core capabilities and behaviours that LEF believes are essential to compete with the digerati on their terms:

  • Understand the fabric of the digital world & how to exploit it to
 get a business up & running.
  • Be curious & take an outside-in view to explore non-traditional sources of innovation & elevate your digital IQ.
  • Experiment with the ‘garage’ approach to test & iterate, not try & engineer the perfect solution form the outset
  • Phase ideation across the organization: and understand your preferred role in the ideation process

Combining LEF’s research, deep insights, and practical experience, this masterclass will arm you with organizational tools to explore and colonize new territory. The outcome will be an understanding of the mindset required to succeed with a new approach to ideation, and how to formulate an action plan to achieve digital business leadership for your organization.

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