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Raising Your Organization’s Digital IQ

14 April - NEW Speakers Announced - Dan Hushon, CTO, CSC and Dan Wakeman, VP & CIO, ETS.  See agenda for full details.

Join us at our 10th Annual US Forum where we shall cover themes including:

  • Building a leading edge learning organization.
  • From BRM to the Boardroom.
  • Will China dethrone Silicon Valley in the global technology marketplace.
  • The rise of Machine Intelligence (MI).
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of enterprise collaboration.
  • Digital learning and leadership via Xperience Labs.
  • Creating a collaborative culture through social.

In this important one-day conference, world class experts, prominent business/IT leaders and LEF researchers will assess and demonstrate the state of digital skills and learning in large organizations today. Through a series of thought provoking presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and company case examples, we will show how leading firm's are successfully raising their organization's Digital IQ.


  • Draw lessons from the most advanced learning organizations.
  • Overcome cultural inhibitors to learning and technology adoption.
  • Help your firm's top executives become more digital and more 'social'.
  • Get hands-on experience with the latest internet of things technologies.
  • Better leverage modern collaborative platforms, inside and outside the firm.
  • Expand your network of peers and associates. 

The presentations from this event can be accessed here



Because we think our Forums are a great learning experience, but don't just take our word for it, watch this playlist to hear what previous attendees have said about the LEF and our events:

Edward Hess

Professor of Business Administration, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia

Edward D Hess is a Professor of Business Administration and Batten Executive-in-Residence at the Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia. His research focuses on Growth Strategies, Systems and Processes, as well as High Performance Organizations.  

Simon Wardley

Leading Edge Forum

Simon Wardley, based in the UK, is a Researcher for Leading Edge Forum and the lead practitioner for Wardley Maps advisory service helping clients anticipate market and ecosystem developments.

Simon’s focus is on the intersection of IT strategy and new technologies, and he is the author of multiple reports including Clash of the Titans – Will China Dethrone Silicon Valley?  where he assesses the hi-tech challenge from China and what this means to the future of global technology industry competition. His previous research covers topics including Of Wonders and Disruption,  The Future is More Predictable Than You Think - A Workbook for Value Chain MappingBeware of Geeks Bearing Gifts: Strategies for an Increasingly Open EconomyLearning from Web 2.0 and A Lifecycle Approach to Cloud Computing.

Simon is a seasoned executive who has spent the last 15 years defining future IT strategies for companies in the FMCG, Retail and IT industries.  From Canon’s early leadership in the cloud computing space in 2005 to Ubuntu’s recent dominance as the #1 Cloud operating system.

As a geneticist with a love of mathematics and a fascination in economics, Simon has always found himself dealing with complex systems, whether it’s in behavioural patterns, environmental risks of chemical pollution, developing novel computer systems or managing companies.  He is a passionate advocate and researcher in the fields of open source, commoditization, innovation, organizational structure and cybernetics.

Simon is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide, and has been voted as one of the UK's top 50 most influential people in IT in recent Computer Weekly polls.



Dan Hushon

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Hushon, DXC Technology’s (NYSE: DXC) senior vice president and chief technology officer, drives innovation strategy and growth for the company’s solutions and ensures technology excellence. He is responsible for defining DXC’s long-term technology strategy and vision, and advocating for that vision with customers.

Mr. Hushon has more than 20 years of experience delivering technology-differentiated solutions to private, public and international customers. He served as CSC’s CTO and vice president and general manager, cybersecurity, and provided the leadership for driving the strategy and growth of CSC’s product lines and boosting technology excellence across the company.

Prior to CSC, he served in chief technologist roles at EMC Corp. and Sun Microsystems. At EMC, Mr, Hushon led key strategic initiatives in big data, cloud technologies and next-generation infrastructure, and was chief technologist of the service provider business. At Sun Microsystems, he was chief technologist for a cloud service and the global sales organization.

Mr. Hushon holds a BS from Carnegie Mellon University.

Dan Wakeman

VP & CIO, Educational Testing Service (ETS)

As Vice President and Chief Information Officer for ETS, Dan leads the centralized IT organization consisting of over 800 FTEs and three large outsourcing arrangements.  He is responsible for all IT strategic planning, IT operations and software development, including back office solutions (ERP, Workforce, HR, Supply Chain, Warehouse), as well as the creation and maintenance of a world class assessment platform (Item Banking, Scoring, Delivery, Reporting and Analysis).

Dan is a seasoned technology leader who enjoys the challenge of using information technology to expand the possibilities as well as the bottom line.  Dan has a broad range of IT experience across multiple industries including Banking, Consulting, Manufacturing, and Education.  He is experienced in leading business start-ups, mergers and divestitures.  His specialities include architecture leadership, people leadership, business and IT alignment, application development, knowledge management, electronic collaboration, project management, technical leadership, technology life cycle management and ERP.

Previously, Dan served as CIO for Elementary and Secondary education and prior to that as Chief Technologist for ETS.

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from Central Michigan University. 

David Moschella

Research Fellow
Leading Edge Forum

David Moschella, based in the United States, is a Research Fellow for Leading Edge Forum.  David's focus is on industry disruptions, machine intelligence and related business model strategies.  David was previously Global Research Director of the programme.

David’s key areas of expertise include globalization, industry restructuring, disruptive technologies, and the co-evolution of business and IT.  He is the author of multiple research reports, including Disrupting the Professions through Machine Learning and Digital Trust2016 Study Tour Report: Applying Machine Intelligence, There is Now a Formula for Machine Intelligence Innovation,  Embracing 'the Matrix' and the Machine Intelligence Era and The Myths and Realities of Digital Disruption.

An author and columnist, David’s second book, Customer-Driven IT, How Users Are Shaping Technology Industry Growth, was published in 2003 by Harvard Business School Press.  The book predicted the shift from a supplier-driven to today’s customer-led IT environment.  His 1997 book, Waves of Power, assessed global competition within the IT supplier community.  He has written some 200 columns for Computerworld, the IT Industry’s leading publication on Enterprise IT, and has presented at countless industry events all around the world.

David previously spent 15 years with International Data Corporation, where he was IDC’s main spokesperson on global IT industry trends and was responsible for its worldwide technology, industry and market forecasts.



Robina Chatham

Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum

Dr Robina Chatham is a Research Associate for Leading Edge Forum, where she is a core member of LEF's Business Relationship Management (BRM) instructor team, helping clients drive greater business value through powerful business relationship management. Robina is also the author of our report, Raising IT's Game Through BRM.

Lewis Richards

Leading Edge Forum

Lewis Richards is the former researcher and self-styled Digital Chef for Leading Edge Forum.  He was responsible for research into Pro-active, Haptic Sensing and bringing additional value to clients as Head of our 21st Century Human Upgrade Programme Advisory practice, enabling clients to build hands-on digital skills. 

Lewis’ most recent publications are the Technology Trends and Me video series; AI & Me,  Automation & Me and VR & Me which provide insights on today's emerging trends as we try to make sense of the world around us. Prior to this, Lewis authored the report The Field Engineer of the Future – An LEF Xperience Lab Case Study.

Lewis is a seasoned IT leader having spent 16 years working for CSC where he performed a number of UK and International roles within Financial Service and the Corporate Office of Innovation.  Lewis managed the European Innovation Centre for CSC and worked with clients and partners to showcase Next Gen technologies whilst articulating how IT can address the needs of current business problems.

In his previous post, Lewis was responsible for Global Portfolio Management for CSC's Application Business.  This role involved the management of a diverse workforce and the reengineering of the applications business, including the adoption of a globalized portfolio management process and the implementation of product and technology roadmaps.

Lewis is passionate about collaboration and the cultural changes required to enhance business functions.

Lewis has a BSc from the University of Surrey and an MBA in Technology Management from the Open University.

Thomas Power

Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum
Leading Edge Forum

Thomas Power is a Research Associate for Leading Edge Forum, based in the UK.  In this role, Thomas, working with Bob Barker, leads the Social Executive Programme advisory service, working with LEF clients to assist them in their journey to develop a personal and professional brand strategy via a mixture of workshops and/or individual 1-2-1 sessions. 

Bob Barker

Digital and Social Media Skills Coach, Leading Edge Forum

Bob Barker is a key facilitator and developer of the 21st Century Human Upgrade Programme, providing immersive digital learning experiences for the 21st century organization.

Bob has over 30 years in the technology industry, working as a marketer in companies including Oracle, SAS, NCR and in smaller software and technology firms in various roles: CMO/Marketing Director, Head of Digital and Social Marketing, Product Marketing, Industry Marketing & Corporate Communications.  As the 'Digital Coach', his focus is on helping people with the digital psychology behind developing 21st Century Human Skills and determining what coaching is required post immersion workshop to make people change and develop.

Bob is a regular publisher, speaker, networker and trainer in social media and the digital skills market.

Bob started his career flying in the Royal Navy and studied Business at Oxford Brookes University.


Matt Ballantine

Research Associate
Leading Edge Forum

Matt Ballantine is a Research Associate for Leading Edge Forum, based in the UK, and the author of our June 2016 report, Who Shares Wins. Matt also heads digital strategy and transformation for law firm, Eversheds.

26 May 2016

A chance to meet delegates

Richard Davies, Managing Director, Leading Edge Forum 

David Moschella, Research Fellow, Leading Edge Forum

Humans are natural learners, but our IQs tend to follow a bell curve.  Technology has followed the opposite pattern; machine capability has increased exponentially, but computers have mostly been painfully slow learners.  This is now changing.  Technology’s ever-improving ability to sense, see, speak, listen, identify, track, analyse, advise, decide and create is now re-defining the way organizations operate and innovate.  In this opening session, David will show how the rise of machine intelligence is enabling an ever-more powerful Digital Matrix that mirrors virtually everything that society does, setting the context for the required organizational and individual learning.

Ed Hess, Professor of Business Administration & Batten Executive-in-Residence, Darden Graduate School of Business

Coming technology advances will transform most businesses into technology-enabled learning organizations.  Learning organizationally and individually, faster and better than one's competition, may well be the only sustainable competitive advantage.  Ed will discuss his research on leading-edge learning organizations focusing on the cultures and processes that are designed to overcome common organizational and individual learning inhibitors.  He will also discuss the science of adult learning and how to take one's personal learning capabilities to a much higher level.

A chance to network.

Dan Hushon, Chief Technology Officer, CSC

Large organizations know that to meet their emerging business challenges they must embrace modern IT approaches based on Cloud, DevOps, Advanced Analytics, and rapidly improving As-A-Service and Machine Intelligence capabilities.  They also know that the biggest barriers to making these changes are not technical; they are about finding the right people, establishing the required culture, and managing the business risks.  In this session, Dan will discuss how large organizations (including CSC) with many legacy systems, applications and skills are developing the talent and leadership needed for their firm’s increasingly digital future.

Dan Wakeman, VP and Chief Information Officer, Educational Testing Service

While every industry has its own digital disruption story, few have received as much media attention as Education – MOOCs, flipped classrooms, machine translation, personalized learning, expert systems, new forms of accreditation, and more.  But although the potential for digital innovation is great, so is the inertia, making it hard for educational leaders to gauge the likely pace of change.  Balancing disruptive possibilities with ongoing business demands is a particularly knotty challenge for Enterprise IT as it seeks to shape its future missions, platforms and skills.  In this session, Dan will discuss the state of digital education today, and what this means for learning within ETS and its IT organization.

A chance to network.

Bob Barker and Thomas Power, Research Associates, Leading Edge Forum

This session will cover why social media is part of ‘new’ leadership skills because it’s where leaders can demonstrate their authenticity, their human side and demonstrate their expertise in order to build trust and to help create a more collaborative culture (enabled by digital communications technology).  Each attendee will get a report on their own personal brand across social media together with some hints and tips.  The session will also include a snapshot of where social media is now and where it’s going. 

Matt Ballantine, Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum

Almost every major business innovation cuts across existing organizational silos.  Thus, increasing the innovative capability of organizations requires effective collaboration – inside and outside of the firm.  Unfortunately, our research shows that investment in collaboration software has been an area of disappointing return, if not demonstrable failure, in most large enterprises.

In this session, Matt will present examples of recent collaborative business success, recommended approaches for overcoming common political, cultural, and individual learning pitfalls, and an overall framework for using technology to move toward a truly sharing organization.

Robina Chatham, Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum                    

As we move into a world of pervasive digitization, Enterprise IT is in danger of being treated as a legacy function, but this fate is not inevitable.  Based on many years of delivering advanced Business/IT Relationship Management (BRM) training programmes to dozens of our clients worldwide, as well as her research into BRMs who have gained a 'seat at the table’, Robina will discuss the key capabilities needed to put you in the digital driving seat for your organization.

A chance to network.

Lewis Richards, Researcher, Leading Edge Forum

The Xperience Lab brings ‘The Matrix’ to life for our clients.  We live in a world of hyper connectivity where augmentation and immersion are becoming commonplace, and everyday objects can be easily combined to create higher order systems.  In an evolving world where co-creation is a necessity, the Xlab provides a unique learning opportunity for digital skills and leadership development.  We will highlight a case study of how the LEF Xlab has been used by one of our customers to raise the digital IQ within their business, while dramatically raising the profile and perceptions of Enterprise IT.

Simon Wardley, Researcher, Leading Edge Forum

The United States and Silicon Valley have dominated the IT industry for so long that it can be hard for many Americans to imagine otherwise. But as we look at the emerging hi-tech landscape, we see China preparing to take on the West not just as an efficient manufacturer, but as both a leading source of innovation and a highly sophisticated local marketplace.  These challenges are particularly evident in all areas of digital learning – especially university education and advanced R&D – as well as strategic future marketplaces such as robotics, self-driving cars, smart cities and virtually all manner of machine intelligence.  In this closing session, Simon will use his Value Chain Mapping framework to assess the Chinese challenge and the future of global technology leadership.

There will be a number of demonstration and discussion areas related to the topics above available during the drinks reception to pick up on topics addressed during the day.

Start: 26 May 2016 09:00
Finish: 26 May 2016 17:00

W Hotel,
515 15th St NW,
DC 20004,
United States


Attendance at this event is open to CIOs and Senior Business Leaders only from large end-user organizations.

Should you have any questions about the event, please contact Jane Kingston by telephone on +44 (0)7768 643936, or by email at

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