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Building the 21st Century Organization – Chicago

The world is evolving apace. The matrix of capabilities available outside is increasing. The opportunity and the necessity to exploit digital opportunities is increasing, but our businesses and government organizations are having trouble evolving. This is because we have sleepwalked into the 21st century with 20th century business models, structures, talent and infrastructure. In order to evolve and thrive in the next couple of disruptive decades, we will need to become 21st Century Executives in 21st Century Organizations. In this briefing, we will explore what it means to become a 21st Century Organization, with presentations, interactive sessions and case examples.

  • Understand where your organization is strong and weak as a 21st Century Organization.
  • Think through how ‘the artist formerly known as the IT organization’ has to adapt to become the ‘digital engine’ of the business.
  • Consider the implications for talent, breakthrough talent practices, and the imperative to evolve them towards being 21st Century Humans.
  • Evaluate your approach to cyber-risk at the board level, and how it can be improved.
  • Discuss these issues in interactive sessions, with peers and expert researchers.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy

VP, Human Resources
GE Healthcare

Raghu Krishnamoorthy is VP, Human Resources for GE Healthcare, a market leader in Healthcare equipment, Healthcare IT and Life Sciences. With over 55,000 employees in about a 100 countries, it is an organization that endeavours to advance technology and sciences to prevent diseases and save lives.  

Dave Aron

Global Research Director
Leading Edge Forum

Dave Aron, based in the UK, is Global Research Director for Leading Edge Forum.  In this position, he guides a series of global research initiatives aimed at helping CIOs and other Business/ IT leaders reimagine their organizations and leadership for a tech-driven future. Dave is the author of our 2017 reports, Unleashing Digital Talent for Fun and Profit and Winning in the 21st Century - A User's Guide.

Dave’s key areas of research include digital business, strategy and new business models.  Previously, Dave spent more than 12 years at Gartner, as a Gartner Fellow, focusing on strategy and CIO leadership issues.  Dave has more than 30 years’ experience in the IT business, and has been writing, speaking and teaching on digital business, IT strategy and other topics around the world for more than a decade.

Dave holds a BSc in Computer Science from Queen Mary College, and an MBA from London Business School.

Dave's alter ego is Mu, The 21st Century Anti-Strategist, which comprises Dave's distilled thoughts about what doesn't make sense as 20th century organizations sleepwalk into the 21st century.

Richard Davies

VP, Strategic Advisory, DXC Technology and MD, LEF
Leading Edge Forum

At LEF, Richard leads and manages a global cross-industry think tank dedicated to helping large organizations reimagine their organizations and leadership for a technology-driven future.  He is also responsible in DXC Technology for helping major global clients transform to take advantage of future state business platforms. 

Bill Murray

Senior Researcher and Advisor

Bill Murray is a Senior Researcher and Advisor for Leading Edge Forum.  Bill is the author of our report entitled, Rethink Risk Through the Lens of Antifragility, co-author of our paper WT* is a Platform and co-author for our publication The Renaissance of the IT Organization.

Bill’s IT career spans over 30 years, with 16 years as a Founder and Partner of Differentis, providing strategic IT consulting services to many industry sectors.  Bill has experience of developing Digital and business technology strategies, business cases and change programmes involving technology disruptions such as consumerization, analytics and cloud based services.  Most recently, Bill has been helping clients develop IoT enabled business propositions and services in Connected Health, Connected Insurance, FMCG and supply chains, and advising on IoT platforms.

Bill’s experience also includes setting up/running business and IT innovation projects; shaping and growing analytics groups; IT organisation reviews; development of strategic IT initiatives and business cases; development of business and IT architectures; IT strategy definition; mobilization, delivery and turnaround of major programmes and business process reengineering.

Prior to Differentis, Bill was Vice President of Management Consulting and Strategic Development for CSC where he consulted to clients on IT strategy, programme management and business/IT innovation projects.  Prior to CSC, Bill held various strategy roles with KPMG Nolan Norton and Accenture. 

Bill is a chartered engineer by background, and started his career with Arup in high energy impact analysis in the nuclear and automotive industries.

Mike Bufalino

Research Associate
Leading Edge Forum

Mike Bufalino, based in the UK, is a Research Associate for Leading Edge Forum.  Mike has extensive experience across matters pertaining to CIO and board-level leadership.  Mike’s current work for LEF focuses on the increasingly vital topic of cyber-risk, and how boards and senior leadership must reposition their thinking in order to best understand, support and embrace the realities of doing business in the digital age. 

Mike’s IT career spans 24 years, with over 10 years in CIO roles for global FTSE-sized enterprises.  Mike has experienced CIO positions through a very diverse cultural and organizational lens, having succeeded in global and divisional CIO roles, for Eastern and Western headquartered firms.  Mike has served on several boards, including Oracle and Computing Magazine.  Mike holds an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK, along with a Bachelor of Business from Griffith University in Australia.  

Lewis Richards

Leading Edge Forum

Lewis Richards is a researcher and self-styled Digital Chef for Leading Edge Forum.  He is responsible for research into Pro-active, Haptic Sensing and bringing additional value to clients as Head of our 21st Century Human Upgrade Programme Advisory practice, enabling clients to build hands-on digital skills. 

Lewis’ most recent publications are the Technology Trends and Me video series; AI & Me,  Automation & Me and VR & Me which provide insights on today's emerging trends as we try to make sense of the world around us. Prior to this, Lewis authored the report The Field Engineer of the Future – An LEF Xperience Lab Case Study.

Lewis is a seasoned IT leader having spent 16 years working for CSC where he performed a number of UK and International roles within Financial Service and the Corporate Office of Innovation.  Lewis managed the European Innovation Centre for CSC and worked with clients and partners to showcase Next Gen technologies whilst articulating how IT can address the needs of current business problems.

In his previous post, Lewis was responsible for Global Portfolio Management for CSC's Application Business.  This role involved the management of a diverse workforce and the reengineering of the applications business, including the adoption of a globalized portfolio management process and the implementation of product and technology roadmaps.

Lewis is passionate about collaboration and the cultural changes required to enhance business functions.

Lewis has a BSc from the University of Surrey and an MBA in Technology Management from the Open University.

18 May 2017

A chance to network

Richard Davies, Managing Director, Leading Edge Forum

Dave Aron, Global Research Director, Leading Edge Forum

Beyond implementing specific ‘digital’ technologies and responding to current digital trends, what will it take to be a successful business/government agency in the next two decades?  In this session, Dave will introduce LEF’s view of the key components of the 21st Century Organization.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy, VP Human Resources, GE Healthcare

Digital is a moving target.  What's digital today, is not what's digital tomorrow. I will walk through our Journey…not from a technical point of view, but from an organization dynamic point of view: choices, struggles, challenges, opportunities, learnings, change management and mindset. I will use GE Healthcare as an example of a business in transition, under the overall of GE’s Digital Industrial transformation.

A chance to network

Bill Murray, Senior Researcher and Advisor, Leading Edge Forum

A facilitated discussion of how ‘the artist formerly known as the IT organization’ is evolving and needs to evolve in the face of platform business models, an increasingly sophisticated matrix of capabilities that organizations can tap into, including cloud, internet of things, talent networks, and the need to turn data into insight.

Mike Bufalino, Research Associate, Leading Edge Forum

How savvy are boards about cyber-risk?  How engaged are they with the topic?  Are the tools and approaches they are using to make decisions about cyber-risk adequate?  What steps can we take to improve the situation?  Mike will share our research findings and case studies, and we will discuss applicability in your organization.

A chance to network

Lewis Richards, Researcher, Leading Edge Forum

What does a day in the life of a 21st Century Human really look like?  In this session, we will explore the concept of the Matrix and move from the Abstract to the Real.  Join us as we offer delegates the choice of the red pill or the blue pill through a series of hands-on learning experiences.

Richard Davies, Managing Director, Leading Edge Forum

In this session, we will share research findings, including case study examples of advanced practices being used to win the talent war, to attract, engage and unleash great digital talent.  The session will include a discussion of what practices you are using/could use to move the talent capability forward in your organization.

Richard Davies, Managing Director, and Dave Aron, Global Research Director, Leading Edge Forum

A chance to network.

Start: 18 May 2017 09:00
Finish: 18 May 2017 17:30

W Chicago-Lakeshore, Chicago, United States


Attendance at this event is open to CIOs and senior business leaders from large end-user organizations.

Should you have any questions about the event, please contact Jane Kingston by telephone on +44 (0)7768 643936, or by email at:  

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