Sourcing for Agility

Leverage marketplace capabilities for suppliers, cloud & hyperscalers

The Sourcing Challenge

Remaining relevant and competitive requires timely access to skills, capabilities, and services in the market, with consideration to price and performance. But critical in the decision process on how to source these is the ability to take tough decisions on what to acquire and when, versus what to develop and maintain. In today’s digital world, this challenge intensifies with knowing how to identify and leverage what has already evolved to be ready made as-a-service from what LEF defines as the Matrix.

Organizational requirements have extended from needing access to capacity, skills and lower cost services, to needing to accelerate new business opportunities, improve business continuity and supply chain resilience, and save time and effort.

For some, the challenge is focused on how to strengthen and improve existing strategic supplier arrangements.

For those who have solved most of these challenges or are looking to fast-track their modernization and transformation efforts, they must now seek to make better use of cloud capabilities and the significant investments and growth trajectories of the hyperscalers.

Despite many years of investment into sourcing, the key question arises how can you confidently plan and execute for what you need today – and how might those needs change?


Sourcing for Agility: Creating Change

LEF has developed a unique methodology for clients to approach Sourcing challenges, combining Wardley Mapping with a Matrix Mindset to help you assess current offerings and pre-empt future scenarios, particularly around how to enhance shock resilience. We incorporate the latest insights from our research into shifts in operating models, the industrialization of technologies, and disruptions from key market players such as China and India.

LEF combines deep insight from both client advisory engagements and our extensive research programme, to inform a change programme that will help address the specific nuances and challenges of your sourcing journey.

Working with LEF will help you to:

  • Bring new ideas & thinking to challenge the conventional methods of outsourcing.
  • Create situational awareness, identify capabilities & develop a plan of organizational change.
  • Identify & develop the skills to execute this plan.

The Building Blocks of Change

Sourcing for Agility utilizes these LEF advisory interventions and client experiences. Depending on your specific need, we are able to quickly draw on this proven experience and combine aspects together to shape a more tailored change programme.

Informing Perspectives

Drawing on LEF’s extensive research and thought leadership programme, Sourcing for Agility shares insights drawn from a range of our reports and position papers including:

Some of LEF’s leading advisors working with clients to enable agility through rethinking their approach to Sourcing.


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