Solving Complex Business Problems

Using Wardley Mapping to address challenges with situational awareness & psychological safety

A New Approach to Solving Complex Challenges

Organizations are needing to take tough decisions in a volatile and uncertain world. Diverse groups of people with relevant expertise are essential to address these organizational challenges and opportunities. But people inherently participate with their biases, assumptions, and a tendency to focus on immediate solutions that don’t consider the wider business context. In particular, not enough consideration is given to the evolution of technology, products and services. After all, today's genesis is tomorrow's utility.

Other challenges include pressure of time, conflicts of interests, misplaced focus, fear of constructive conflict, and outdated, missing or contradictory knowledge. Using a structured approach to tap into all the explicit and tacit knowledge of the group can quickly and effectively move the discussion forward.


How Wardley Mapping Addresses Complex Problems

Anticipating and gaming the future is easier when you have situational awareness. A Wardley Map depicts an organization’s value chain, showing how activities and processes are evolving, providing a mechanism to predict future scenarios, and develop winning strategies and tactics.

Using Wardley Mapping, our unique approach to complex problem-solving helps you to:

  • Gain situational awareness to look at evolution, predict future scenarios & develop strategies & tactics
  • Leverage insights & knowledge from adjacent industries to challenge inherent beliefs & inertias
  • Become self-sufficient at effectively challenging strategy using Maps as the artifacts for discussion

The Building Blocks of Change

Based on years of experience using Wardley Mapping, Solving Complex Problems utilizes these LEF advisory interventions and client experiences. Depending on your specific need, we are able to quickly draw on this proven experience and combine aspects together to shape a more tailored change programme.

Informing Perspectives

Drawing on LEF’s extensive research and thought leadership programme, Solving Complex Problems using Wardley Mapping incorporates insights drawn from a range of our work, and the privileged insights we garner from Simon Wardley himself as a member of the LEF team, including:

Some of LEF’s leading advisors working with clients to Solve Complex Problems and create better situational awareness in their organizations through Wardley Mapping.


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