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Breakthrough results from a Next-Generation Operating Model

The Shortcomings of Current Models

The driver for convergence between business and IT operating models has been accelerated by today’s Isolation Economy, and has exposed both shortcomings and hidden potential in many models. While many organizations have put constant pressure on IT to do more with less, cut costs and increase their responsiveness, the fact that nearly all businesses were able to react to the global economic shutdown, shift to remote work, and do so with moderate-to-zero disruption in their operations is testament to the heroic efforts, and capacities, that lie within modern information technologies, and information technology departments.

There has been extensive focus on Agile, DevOps and SCRUM approaches to IT for over a decade. Cloud, -aaS, and other means of commoditizing IT have also been around for decades. Given the myriad of approaches to IT that exist, the challenge is to determine how to achieve breakthrough results from an operating model change, and unpick the myriad conflicting models that have been tried and tested with carrying results.


Organizing for Success: Focus on Operating Principles

LEF combines deep insight from client advisory engagements and our extensive research programme, to inform a change programme that will help you create a next-generation operating model to turbocharge your organization.

Working with LEF will help you to:

  • Evaluate your current modernization & transformation initiatives
  • Answer the six interrogatives of going Digital: Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?
  • Highlight how organizations can respond to unmet client needs & address diseconomies of scale

The Building Blocks of Change

Organizing for Success utilizes these LEF advisory interventions and client experiences. Depending on your specific need, we are able to quickly draw on this proven experience and combine aspects together to shape a more tailored change programme.

Next-Gen Operating Models Workshop

Based on our current Next-Gen research report that is due for publication in February 2021, this new workshop will distil learnings from over 60 executive interviews and engagements undertaken during the research to review strategies, advice and cautionary tales with clients.

Informing Perspectives

Drawing on LEF’s extensive research and thought leadership programme, Organizing for Success will help you define a next-generation operating model with insights drawn from a range of our work including:

Some of our experts helping clients define Next-Generation Operating Models include:


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