Engaging in the Data Economy

Identify new forms of engagement through smarter use of data

The Rise of the Data Economy

The proliferation of intelligent things and the oceans of data they produce is giving rise to new value propositions, alternative forms of competition as well as redefining industry boundaries. Traditional organizational constructs founded on tangibles and linear distribution models are being augmented and, in some cases, superseded by networked models centred on a consumer. They operate at great scale and with great speed.

For organizations born in the 21st century, this concept is second nature. Those whose roots are in traditional product and services face an uphill battle against the successful practices that got them here in the first place. Organizations not exploring these new opportunities and finding a route into these ecosystems risk being sidelined by those already entrenched in these new market structures.

Each industry and its incumbent organizations are feeling the impact differently. Some have already been displaced by these 21st century organizations while others are beginning to be dismantled. All are trying to learn and adjust their business model to survive and capitalize on the opportunities being presented in today’s data economy.


Playing in the Data Economy

Much is written about the digital giants and their successful business models, but little help is offered to traditional organizations trying to launch their own transformation. For nearly a decade, LEF has been researching the opportunities presented by the data economy for traditional organizations and has developed a body of knowledge that provides a toolkit to help traditional organizations with this transformation.

By working with LEF you will:

  • Cut through the noise about being ‘Data-Driven’ & give this concept real meaning for your organization
  • Identify opportunities in current & adjacent markets & build cases for change
  • Identify the critical next steps & owners to mobilize organizational change

The Building Blocks of Change

Organization Models for the Data Economy utilizes these LEF advisory interventions and client experiences. Depending on your specific need, we are able to quickly draw on this proven experience and combine aspects together to shape a more tailored change programme.

Explore your Landscape for Digital Twins

Based on our recently published Digital Twins report, this new workshop will distil learnings from over 30 executive interviews and engagements undertaken during the research to establish how digital twins are now defying the limits of space and cheating the inertia of time.

Informing Perspectives

Drawing on LEF’s extensive research and thought leadership programme, Organization Models for the Data Economy shares insights drawn from a range of our work including:

Some of LEF’s leading advisors working with clients to create Engaging in the Data Economy.


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