Winning in the 21st century

The challenge comes in anticipating the role of technology in disrupting industry dynamics and operating models before a wave of change occurs. Too many organizations are unable to effectively identify outside-in changes until after they have occurred. In this context it is essential to develop a dynamic view of risk and opportunity, to accurately assess your organization’s ability and behavioural readiness to deliver on its strategy and to realistically align your ambition with emerging sector possibilities. And winning today demands such a view, with insights being put to work in helping develop your true business potential.

What does Winning in the 21st Century deliver?

W21C is focused on the identification and analysis of disruptive industry opportunities, and the evaluation of your ability to exploit them.

We will help assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, plans, and strategies, with an emphasis on spotting those hidden patterns, and connections that can quickly be turned into sustainable advantage.


By putting the programme to work, your organization will be better positioned to:

Identify critical patterns, dynamics, and unseen connections relating to tech-driven change.

Align strategy and culture to emerging growth opportunities.

Keep pace with new technology ecosystems and the latest innovations.

Support effective decisive decision-making and resilient performance.

Help your organization win in the 21st century

Counteract market disruption & drive performance.

Who we work with


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