Wardley Mapping

It helps to have advance warning – know the location of any shortcuts ahead and the obstacles to avoid. This is particularly the case in operational environments defined by almost constant uncertainty, where you’re never quite sure what’s over the horizon. Hence the value of situational awareness to develop a detailed view of the evolving business landscape, with guidance on the best strategic route to follow.


How does Wardley Mapping guide your way?

Maps help to communicate, challenge, plan, learn, and mitigate risk.

Put into practice, this helps bring to life your future prospects, explore the most opportune reactions to change – or even pre-empt it – and highlight the supporting role played by technology for inspiring clear competitive advantage. At the same time, Mapping equips you with advanced techniquesfor gaining that competitive environment to your own advantage.


Wardley Mapping Benefits

By undertaking Wardley Maps workshops, your organization will benefit from:

Aid communication at every level.

Assess future scenarios to better identify risks and opportunities.

Use ecosystems as a strategic tool that can drive the utilization of your products and reduce costs.

Improve collaboration from a business and IT perspective, with a mechanism to minimize risk and conflict, and increase alignment.


Wardley Maps training workshop

Challenge convention & seek a deeper understanding of the world



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