NEW Podcast: Leverage the Frozen Middle. Growing Digital Ethics in Practice. Listen here.

NEW Podcast: Leverage the Frozen Middle. Growing Digital Ethics in Practice. Listen here.


Migrating to newer, more capable, agile or more efficient technology approaches.

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IT modernization is principally aimed at improving a company’s underlying technology core. The shift of commodity computing to the cloud, and productivity and collaboration applications to SaaS – often accessed via personally-owned devices – is happening in organizations all around the world. In itself, this is not transformative of the business, but these initiatives are important, even essential, foundations for wider business change.

IT modernization can, and often should, be done just to remove inefficiencies and waste. But it is also the gateway to future innovation, as out of date foundational technology can be a considerable source of inertia.

This shift requires a new set of IT capabilities as well as a shift in mindset and behaviours. The workforce, mindset and IT skills required to develop, run and maintain a modernized technology estate, are different from traditional data centres and internal systems. Firms are going through a significant process of refreshing their digital skills, and change can be painful. LEF’s IT Modernization advisory workshops give clients a powerful set of frameworks to assess their technology choices, identify sources of value, and create playbooks to modernize the IT organization.



Here’s a selection of LEF research reports to inform your perspectives on IT Modernization. They complement the advisory workshops that will help to challenge your thinking in this space, and cover key topics such as:

  • Serverless
  • Cloud & 'Post-Cloud'
  • SaaS & Office365
  • Self-service & DIY
  • Cyber Security
  • DevOps & Agility
  • Open Source & APIs
  • Modern Methods
  • Tech Partners

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