NEW Podcast: Leverage the Frozen Middle. Growing Digital Ethics in Practice. Listen here.

NEW Podcast: Leverage the Frozen Middle. Growing Digital Ethics in Practice. Listen here.


The displacement of established firms, products & services by a new player, technology, business model or value network.

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Industry disruptions stem from the external world, not from within the enterprise. We typically think of disruptive change coming from new digital rivals such as Uber or Netflix. It can also come from new players, perhaps from China and India, or potential external shocks such as military conflicts, climate change, trade wars, natural and human disasters, or major political/ regulatory shifts – and the new mandates, opportunities and challenges such shocks might initiate.

If we start with the assumption that the majority of organizations – traditional, 'digital-second' companies – are firmly rooted in the 20th century, then how do they anticipate these powerful market shifts? How do leaders in these organizations identify new market entrants that are marching into their industry? And how do they respond to the challenges that disruptions present, to take advantage of potentially seismic shifts and profit from change?

There are stark choices and decisions that need to be made. LEF has a long history of calling emerging technology trends. We help clients anticipate and plan for disruption by augmenting their sense-making and horizon scanning capabilities, identifying weak signals that are typically a precursor to a wave of major change.



Here’s a selection of LEF research reports to inform your perspectives on technology disruptions and trends that LEF have called in the last 15 years. They address key issues and market shifts that include:

  • IT 'Consumerization'
  • Digital Gamechangers
  • New Models & Entrants
  • Industry Restructuring
  • New Industry Platforms
  • GAFA impact [Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple]
  • The Rise of China & India
  • External Shocks
  • Lessons from R&D & Academia

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