NEW Podcast: Leverage the Frozen Middle. Growing Digital Ethics in Practice. Listen here.

NEW Podcast: Leverage the Frozen Middle. Growing Digital Ethics in Practice. Listen here.

Transforming the enterprise

A major change in an organization’s purpose, value proposition, operations, culture & behaviour.

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Large-scale enterprise transformations can be difficult to identify, but many organizations today must plan for a major shift in their purpose, business model, revenue sources and operations. This necessitates a shift to transform internal systems, processes and the decision-making culture.

This is about wholesale strategic change, such as data monetization, transforming the customer experience or becoming the digital leader in their chosen market. Both internal and external goals are important, but it is the external ambitions that deliver significantly greater business results and impact.

Organizations wishing to remain competitive must understand future disruptions and prepare for the inevitable change. This requires pulling on IT to be fit for purpose. LEF’s Enterprise Transformation advisory workshops help clients envision the art of the possible. Using frameworks and insights from real world case studies, we help you think deeply about industry disruption and the severity of disruption in your market, to clarify where you would like to play and identify how you will plan and deliver change to create your desired outcome.

Transforming the enterprise


Here’s a selection of LEF research reports to inform your perspectives on Enterprise Transformation. They complement the advisory workshops that will help to challenge your thinking in this space, and cover key topics such as:

  • New Value Sources
  • Customer Journeys
  • Smart Products & Internet of Things
  • Digital Twins
  • Being Data & Machine Learning Driven
  • Algorithmic Operations
  • Incubators & M&A
  • Modern Workforce
  • Ecosystem Allies

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