Keep ahead of an ever-changing world through our unique Advisory programmes that drive the activation of digital opportunities, agitate thinking, and show how to accelerate transformational change.

Revealing more to realize true value

Our Advisors coach CXO teams to see complex challenges through the lens of both risk and opportunity. Informed by the findings and insights of our own research, we offer unique perspectives, tools, and methodologies to help you accelerate future innovation and tangible advantage.

Access Hidden Knowledge

Winning in the 21st Century

Identify patterns to accelerate business performance

The demand of constant business transformation requires leaders to better anticipate the triggers of ‘outside-in’ change driven by technology. It’s a question of evolution, embracing rapid change, embedding resilience that endures, and counteracts market disruption. Our Winning in the 21stCentury research programme helps you identify those technologies driving change to established business patterns, and to keep pace with new ecosystems and platforms emerging across different sectors.

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Strategy & The High Ground

Wardley Mapping

Transform uncertainty into strategic action

Key to a successful business strategy is the ability to function despite rampant market uncertainty. Hence the value of having repeatable mechanisms in place to anticipate change and evaluate future scenarios – as well as assessing the potential of emerging opportunities. This is the advantage of Wardley Maps: insights that help you focus on added value and plan for unexpected developments, while also enjoying greater certainty of action. Boosting your know-how of mapping helps to reveal longer-term investment options that could inspire a clear strategic advantage.

Evolve at Speed

21st Century Human

Build digital curiosity and confidence for the 21st century

Many organizations are failing to set a clear vision for their digital workforce and address critical challenges that impact productivity and culture. Our 21st Century Human programme provides a tried and tested mechanism for accessing the latest consumer technology and enabling people to become proficient digital explorers.  We identify smarter ways of working, inspire new behaviours, and reveal how to create a more efficient workforce culture.  Our practical insights are built around the individual and designed to help re-energise digital confidence.


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Get Future Smart

The Matrix

Take control of technological disruption

What the future holds for your business is notoriously difficult to predict. Especially when you factor in the fast pace of technology that’s creating a host of risks and opportunities for any digitally enabled business.  But you can be better prepared.  We defined The Matrix as an intelligent societal infrastructure that mirrors and supports the full breadth of human activity. Adopting a Matrix mindset helps organizations exploit the possibilities offered by technology disruption. Benchmark, assess and adjust plans in line with emerging trends – while calculating future possibilities and aligning business strategies to embrace them.



The change agents that shepherd transformation

Business Relationship Management solves bridging the gap between IT and other areas of the organization.  Practitioners hold triple deep characteristics of High Business Acumen, Technical Depth and Influential Leadership competencies that ensure technology capabilities provide strategic business value. BRMs act as change agents, helping their organization raise their digital IQ, manage through change and co-create strategy operating as peers to their executive counterparts.

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Who we work with


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