Technology moves at a rapid pace and keeping up with the speed of change while figuring out how to innovate and use technology for competitive advantage is a rare skill. As a result, we have created an Xperience Lab programme to bring innovation, digital skills and experience to you.

CIOs and business leaders look to their experienced teams for advice on which technologies can make a difference and to formulate a plan to introduce them into the enterprise. In a two-day workshop, LEF introduces your team to new technologies and how they can be used in the context of your business, whilst increasing your team's digital skills and double-deep learning in the process.


By commissioning an Xperience Lab Workshop, your organization will benefit from:

Increased personal digital competence and literacy required for the 21st Century Organization
Improved thinking with a 'digital mindset' around how the world works today 
A greater understanding of how immersive technology, augmented reality and 'the Matrix' will impact the firm
Increased motivation to create one's own XLab to drive digital business pilots and effect change in your business
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About Lewis Richards

Lewis Richards is passionate about educating senior executives to make sense of the digital world we live in.  Having created LEF’s Xperience Lab in 2014 by assembling a mobile collection of the most relevant new technologies, and then working with each client to help employees build digital skills on premises in the context of the company’s business, he’s now taken this a step further under the moniker of The Digital Chef to create use case recipes by daisy chaining technologies together to solve real business problems.

A Researcher with the LEF for the last two years, Lewis is a seasoned technology leader having spent 16 years working for CSC where he performed a number of UK and International roles within Financial Services and the Corporate Office of Innovation. Read more

About Bob Barker

Bob Barker is LEF's personal digital and social media skills coach supporting both the Xperience Lab and Social Executive Programme as a facilitator and associate developing research and content.

Bob has 30 years in the technology industry working as a marketer in companies including Oracle, SAS and NCR, and in smaller software and technology firms (recently helping reshape LEF's identity, brand, online presence and marketing operations).  For the past few years, he has also been focused on coaching executives on personal brand and use of social media, which highlighted the need for digital competence in order to be successful. However, the motivation, time required and understanding in this area means many people have never had the coaching required to improve their skills and their lives. Creating and evolving this coaching is now Bob's mission through his work with the LEF. 

Bob started his career flying in the Royal Navy before switching to business and computers, which has always been an interest ever since going on a school trip to visit one in the early 70's. Read more


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