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Leading Edge Forum Report Calls on Business Leaders to Transform and Adopt a Matrix Mindset

A new report released today by global research and thought leadership organisation, Leading Edge Forum (LEF), calls on business leaders to adopt a Matrix mindset within their organisations. This mindset implores change agents in the technology ecosystem to take responsibility for continuous learning and inventive thinking in order to better explore the new opportunities technological innovation can bring.

LEF believes that digital technology is a pervasive force that impacts every part of our existence. It will be embedded in everything – our bodies, our houses, the cities and world we live in – all with the capability to augment our daily lives. As part of this, the 'Matrix' formed of the synergistic combination of the cloud and AI, is creating an intelligent, pervasive infrastructure that will increasingly be able to perform just about everything that companies and individuals can do, and many things they cannot. This future has consequences for our evolution as individuals, businesses, governments and nations, but creates opportunity too.

This latest report from the global think tank examines new ways of working and explores the concept of the 'Matrix Mindset' as a way of thinking that LEF believes everyone needs to understand and embrace, even at a basic level, to help them work effectively in modern, digitally enabled companies.

Based on the observations from working with a myriad of companies, The Matrix Mindset defines eight capabilities where organisations need to prepare their people for the disruptive, technology-rich future:

  • Continual learning – As opposed to training, continual learning is something that employees need to take responsibility for and do for themselves, all the time.
  • Situational awareness – High degrees of situational awareness lead to intelligent decisions and the ability to be highly responsive to threats, as well as to execute strategic gameplay.
  • Outside-in – Organisations and individuals need to be open to looking outside of their own four walls for the capabilities they need to innovate.
  • Earning trust – Through empowering others to deliver, and delivering on your commitments, whilst being transparent, honest and consistent at all times.
  • Collaboration – Hand-in-hand with trust, collaboration is a skill that needs to be constantly monitored and improved.
  • Evolution – Understanding evolution helps people understand why change is hard, and what can be done to overcome the issues.
  • Risk – Everyone within the organization needs to take steps to become more digitally secure and mindful.
  • Economics - It's everyone's responsibility to understand the financial implications of their decisions.

The report, The Matrix Mindset, suggests three ways to embed each of the eight competencies, to give businesses ideas on how to start their own journey. LEF's assessment will help them to understand where they are on the journey and check progress across the competency areas.

Technology is such a fundamental part of how we all work and live today, that it is no longer acceptable to abdicate all technology innovation to IT...

 "Technology is such a fundamental part of how we all work and live today, that it is no longer acceptable to abdicate all technology innovation to IT," commented Glen Robinson, Emerging Technology Director at Leading Edge Forum and author of the report. "Those with the business context must be better informed and able to understand the impact of potential technology choices, so they can work alongside IT to build a better technology enabled future. Whilst this transformation has obvious impacts on IT, the rest of the business also has to adjust and transform.

"In The Matrix Mindset we have made the case for why everyone needs to consider adopting a Matrix Mindset, but those responsible for driving change need these skills and behaviours more than most. As we move into the Matrix era, it has never been more important to consider a change in the way we think, behave and act. Not evolving is not an option."

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