Future Thinking & Strategy

Making sense of the future requires situational awareness, analysis of weak signals, and evaluation of potential future disruptions. It requires an outside-in approach to explore industry and technology trends, and the inevitable changes that you must respond to now.

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LEF help you to create the space to explore weak signals and market shifts, by exposing you to the evolution of technology and the opportunity this creates. We help you shape the necessary experiments to apply this learning to your value chains.

We can help you by:

  • Establishing a powerful sense-making capability
  • Accelerating your adoption of Wardley Mapping
  • Exposing you to The Matrix through immersive experiences
  • Using digital ethics as a differentiator for your organization
  • Involving you in upcoming LEF research programmes


Here’s a selection of LEF research that provides insight and informs your perspective on technology disruptions and trends - that LEF have identified in the last 15 years. They cover a broad range of areas where we help you apply research and LEF thinking to future thinking and strategy, and address key issues and market shifts through:

  • Horizon Scanning
  • Wardley Mapping
  • Study Tours
  • Digital Ethics

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Future thinking & strategy

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