LEF’s advisory interventions help business and IT leaders anticipate disruption, choreograph change, and adapt to an organization’s evolving and unique market position. Facilitated by world-class practitioners, including former C suite leaders, each intervention allows you to challenge conventional thinking in in your organization and teams, using research-led insights to create action and formulate change.

Our flexible delivery capabilities ensure you can optimise each workshop for your team. In 2020 our delivery model pivoted to 100% virtual, ensuring the safety of our team and clients alike in responding to the global pandemic. LEF have adapted some of the tools and techniques we utilise to optimise that delivery, incorporating some of our own research and insights on working practices, collaboration, experimentation and smarter use of technology. We will review our approach and re-introduce a blended approach of virtual and in-person events and workshops, only when it is proven safe to do so.

Our advisory portfolio addresses three major areas where clients are responding to critical challenges and opportunities across their organization.

Icon Future Thinking And Strategy

Future Strategy & Thinking

Making sense of the future requires situational awareness, analysis of weak signals, and evaluation of potential future disruptions.

Future Thinking & Strategy
Icon Re Imagining Business

Re-imagining Business

Remaining competitive and relevant in a constantly changing world requires a willingness to re-think how your organization generates value.

Re-Imagining Business
Icon Leadership And Capabilities

Leadership & Capabilities

Develop a learning mindset for your organization and the ability to nurture a virtuous digital learning capability.

Leadership & Capabilities


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Future thinking & strategy

Re-imagining business

Leadership & capabilities